Engineering team

Custom Engineering

Our engineering department is at your disposal to assist you in determining the specifications for any project you may have.

Pascal MarceauPascal Marceau, Chief Engineer

  • Responsible for calculations of load capacity of Techno Metal Post™ screwed foundations.
  • Author of the Canadian standard for screw piles.
  • 17 years of experience in civil engineering.
  • Global expert in the field of screwed foundation.


Jérôme ChabotJérôme Chabot, Engineer

  • Responsible for load calculations of foundation systems using Techno Metal Post™.
  • Research and development of various tools for validating the loading capacities of Techno Metal Post™.
  • Collaboration in the certification process for the Evaluation Report of the American Standard (ICC AC 358).
  • Six years of experience as a Civil Engineer.

Michael Hutsenpiller, ingénieurMichael Hutsenpiller, Engineer
(USA exclusively)


  • Senior Engineer for Techno Metal Post™ USA since 2005.
  • 31 years of experience in civil engineering.
  • Specialist in the structural, architectural and foundation design.


Stéphane de Franssu

Stéphane de Franssu
, Engineer
(Europe exclusively)


  • Diploma from Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers à Lille(Catholic Institute of Arts and Work at Lille)
  • 10 years of professional industry experience.





Guillaume Blestel
Guillaume Blestel
, Engineer
(Europe exclusively)


  • Diploma from L'Institut National des Sciences Appliques de Rennes (National Institute of Applied Science at Rennes).
  • Specializing in mechanical engineering and automation.




The Soil Engineering Department at Techno Metal Post is responsible for the analysis and validation of your projects.

Whenever you specify a screw pile foundation project, Techno Metal Post engineers will determine the proper types of foundation helical piles to be utilized depending on the building and soil characteristics.

The engineer may issue a certificate and guarantee the work according to standards.

From small residential projects to large scale industrial installations, our engineering team is here to support you.


techno Metal Post mechanical engineering team who produces the screw piles installation machinery

The mechanical engineering department designs and manufactures our specialized equipment for the installation of Techno Metal Post helical piers.

Three models of machines and several adapted systems are available.

There is no limit to what our mechanical engineers can do! We can produce custom parts and equipment tailored to your projects’ unique requirements.