Corrosion Protection

Cathodic protection has been developed by a subsidiary of techno Metal Post-- Techno Protection.

It protects buried metal structures (not just Techno Metal Posts) from corrosion.

To preserve the stability of a structure based on screw piles in extreme soil enviroments, it is necessary to add additional rust protection.

The galvanization already provides years of reliable long term protection for piles, but additional cathodic protection can assure the integrity of the structure for an extended time period if the application demands it.

We highly recommend the installation of a cathodic protection system for extraordinarily deep pile installations.

Techno Protection offers two products for the screw pile foundations:

Ring Anodes TM are sacrificial anodes in a ring form. They provide cathodic protection for small structures.


Spin AnodesTM are anodes that are similar to helical piers and do not require any excavation. They use impressed current.

Initially developed for the protection of screw piles, they become so successful that  they are now being used to protect and preserve new or existing buried steel or reinforced concrete structures.