The newest team to join our Techno Metal Post family hails from California: Bret Hackett, Weston Park, and Dave Young make up Techno Metal Post Reno Tahoe.

Bret has spent the last 25 years in the construction industry, and his knowledge of architecture and construction runs deep. Ten years ago, he started Healthy Home Co, a home design and building company. He has a passion for incorporating sustainable practices into everything he does and is motivated to create happier and healthier communities. He is now taking his passion and his practice to his next endeavor, Techno Metal Post Reno Tahoe. When he’s not working Bret is with his family soaking up everything Lake Tahoe has to offer.  

Weston is a recent graduate from Sierra Nevada College with an interdisciplinary degree in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. He brings to Techno Metal Post Reno Tahoe his passion for sustainability, community, craftmanship, and business. Wes’s goal is to learn the helical pile business and to maintain and grow relationships with Techno Metal Post and with the greater community.

Dave Young is a master craftsman who has worked with Bret for the past 5 years and understands what it means to build quality that lasts. He is a jack of all trades and a master of one, carpentry – and soon, helical piles! He takes tremendous pride in every task and job he tackles. When not installing Techno Metal Posts, you will find Dave in the shop playing with tools and diving into his next project. 

Three years ago, Bret initially came across Techno Metal Post in an article in Fine Home Building magazine. Then, more recently, in the process of trying to create and build a better home and looking for innovative foundation solutions for building projects, his research led him to Techno Metal Post. The rest is history. Bret, Wes, and Dave spent the week of October 29, 2018 training to become Techno Metal Post dealers and installers. Here are some of their reflections, impressions, and insights about their experience:

  • “Overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.”
  • “Fun!”
  • “Informative and impressive!”
  • “Intense.”
  • “Wholistic”
  • “Multifaceted with the hands-on and theoretical”
  • “We were introduced to an entire trade in one week.”
  • “Motivating and inspiring!”
  • “When I first started screwing in a pile it was like ‘Ah! Wow!’ It was Empowering!”

As well, the fact that Techno Metal Post is environmentally friendly is a vital aspect for Techno Metal Post Reno Tahoe, as it reflects their values of sustainability and the environment.

Bret, Wes, and Dave truly appreciated their time with everyone at Techno Metal Post headquarters. They said they felt welcomed into the family, and that one evening “felt like Sunday dinner at my house.”

After an intensive and fulfilling week of training with us in Thetford Mines, they are ready to head back to the sun and embark on their new Techno Metal Post adventure: to grow a sustainable business, to offer great customer service, and to introduce California and Nevada to the world of Techno Metal Post helical piles.

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