New dealer in the Perth/Kingston area

Travis Clark, a carpenter by trade, is now the new owner of Techno Metal Post Perth covering the Perth/Kingston area in Ontario. With more than 15 years of experience in the construction field, Travis was very impressed by the simplicity of the Techno Metal Post installation. He was able to see the machinery in operation at a patio build he was involved in. He immediately knew he had to learn more about helical pile technology.

After visiting the plant and conversations with Mr. Papineau and the rest of the development team, Travis decided to take the leap and take the training required to become a certified installer.

Travis recently took part in training sessions consisting of an introduction to the company, presentation of the different departments and theoretical and practical training on installing piles and use of the installation equipment. According to Travis, “Techno Metal Posts is a solid company with professionals on site who can assist me with all of my projects. With such a proven network, it was an easy choice to get on board and become part of this large family.”


From left to right: Étienne St-Laurent (General Manager), Travis Clark (Owner of Techno Metal Post Perth), Alain Papineau (Owner of TMP Distributions and leader in Ontario) and Pascal Marceau (President)

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