Boardwalk – Ecomaritime Park in L’Anse du Port

The Ecomaritime Park boardwalk in l’Anse du Port, Nicolet, Qc., Canada is now open. This elevated wooden boardwalk – 1km long, with a 12 m (39′) high observatory at the end – was completely reconstructed. It crosses a sugar bush of silver maples and a marshland, which is home to a wide variety of fauna.

Year: January 2018

Dealer: Bois-Francs / Québec Est

Engineer in charge of the project: Rouleau – Desaulniers

Location: Ville de Nicolet

Main contractor: Lambert et Grenier

Project objectives:

  • To replace an existing boardwalk (on timber piles), 2300 linear feet in length
  • To install a new boardwalk on helical piles

Specific challenges:

  • Working in winter conditions
  • Tide (level of water)


  • Access with the installation equipment
  • Speed
  • Low environmental impact
  • No excavation

Materials used:

  • P4 pile model (412 units) in galvanized steel
  • Cross bracing by others

Type of soil: sand and clay

Equipment used: ET1 and EM1

Torque power per pile: 1100 ft-lb to 5000 ft-lb

Engineer’s estimated requirements: 4” diameter piles in galvanized steel

Insertion depth: Approximately 9 feet

Structural details: Structure is steel/wood