New dealer in Victoria, BC, Canada

Robert and Tammy Salling – a husband and wife team from British Columbia – joined the Techno Metal Post family at the end of January.  The duo from balmy B.C. braved the frigid Quebec temps as they prepare to establish TMP Victoria.  Up until March of last year, Rob worked 18 years doing installations for a telecommunications company.  Before that, he spent 2 decades in the construction industry which included building and installing sunrooms – a background he and Clement Binet have in common.  A very skilled builder, Rob transformed his and Tammy’s small ranch house into a beautiful two-story home, and now he designs and builds exquisite custom furniture (another talent he shares with Clement). 

Tammy worked 14 years for the provincial government in the Ministry of Finance, and before that she was a stay-at-home-mom raising her and Rob’s two children.  Now adults, Derek is a mechanical engineer in Vancouver and Martina is an exercise physiologist and kinesiologist in Victoria. 

Rob and Tammy enjoy tackling projects together, and in recent years they decided to get into house flipping.  Tammy says she remembers how much fun it was when she and Rob went into their first house and started dismantling it before beginning renovations – “kicking the walls in with music blaring in the background…was very exciting! I quit my job for this!”  Tammy and Rob have now quit their “day jobs” to focus fully on TMP Victoria.  Tammy loves to roll up her sleeves and jump in. “I want to know everything – that’s why I’m here.” 

Fans of HGTV, Rob and Tammy first came across Techno Metal Post a few years ago on Decked Out.  Then, as recently as last November, they saw Techno Metal Post on Holmes and Holmes, and their interest was piqued again.  The next day, while sitting in the dentist chair and staring up at a TV screen, Rob saw an ad for Techno Metal Post, and figured “the Universe is speaking.”  He and Tammy explored our website and then put in a call to Christian Rousseau (TMP Leader for Alberta and B.C.) who came out to meet them.  Soon after that they bought their plane tickets to Quebec.  

Rob and Tammy thoroughly enjoyed their week of training with us, even though it was exhausting. “It was a lot of really good info! Focusing all day long, I think my eyes were bloodshot at the end of each day.”  Tammy and Rob said they were “blown away by how many wonderful people there are in one spot.  Everyone is happy and hugging. It’s like a family. It feels like a good fit for us.”  They were also “wowed” by the offer to call Techno Metal Post anytime they needed anything: “You’re there for us and we’re way across Canada!” Finally, Tammy wanted to acknowledge how “very professional” the company is regarding prospective dealers.  She and Rob “love the concept of the plan and how you want to get TMP out to the world.  You aren’t looking for quantity; you wait for people to come to you.  It feels like your arms are wide open.”

Rob had a sense that sooner or later someone would introduce Techno Metal Post to Victoria.  He said, “I want to be that guy!”  Working together as a team, Rob will be out in the field installing piles while Tammy heads up the office and looks after social media.  Tammy said, “We want the next size machine, so we’ll have to put a bunch of piles in the ground! We don’t really know what to expect, but I have this feeling it won’t be too slow of a start.  I still need to keep a handle on my expectations, but I feel like it’s going to go somewhere quickly.” 

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