New dealer in Washington, USA


Techno Metal Post is pleased to welcome Brian DeKoekkoek to the TMP family. Brian is establishing TMP Northwest Washington, in the North Cascade area and The Islands. After 25 years of being in the dump truck business, Brian has decided to switch gears and to happily venture into his own Techno Metal Post dealership.

For the past 4 or 5 years, Brian had been looking at getting into a different line of work and developing a new business. He says, “It was time to get out of the truck and do something more physical, more outdoors. I had been doing something for so long, that I didn’t even think about it anymore, so I wanted the mental challenge as well.” While researching possible businesses for sale, he came across a Techno Metal Post dealership and decided to look more closely into the organization. Looking at our website he felt Techno Metal Post “looked like something interesting so I pursued it”, and then met with Ian and Serge. He says in a way, “I kind of stumbled across Techno Metal Post, and now here I am.”

Brian appreciated the intensive week of training with us and acknowledged it is a long learning curve. “Now I know what I don’t know!” And at the same time, he knows he can count on the continued supported of the Techno Metal Post community. While he was here, he was taken with how passionate the Techno Metal Post team is, and how happy everyone is: “Everyone works hard and has fun at the same time.”

In his spare time, Brian enjoys fishing and traveling. He and his wife, Leslie, have three adolescents – a daughter and two sons – who keep them busy. Brian smiles and says, “I started late.” He is now looking forward to devoting this next chapter to establishing TMP Northwest Washington and “making it a success.” He would eventually like to have a couple of crews to install piles. At this point in his life he says he wants to build a good business that he can eventually sell or pass on to his children. Right now, he is determined “to make (Techno Metal Post) a presence” in his region.

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