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December 13, 2022

A Solution for Ground Beams

Helical pier foundations are used regularly in the construction industry, to support the load capacity of heavy materials.  Screw piles are chosen, depending on soil type and the weight of the structure needing the support…rendering it durable for years to come.


Helical piers & ground beams?

It's well known that ground beams are often used in lightweight building foundations, when the ground load-bearing capacity is at a low depth (0 cm to 90 cm).  Sometimes we do encounter sites that are made up of layers of lesser carrying capacity.  In those cases, a Techno Metal Post helix pier may be the best solution to avoid:

  • Excessive Digging
  • Managing soil excavation and transport
  • Trench water pumping


Why are they used with ground beams?

If the ground conditions require the foundation to be deeper than one meter (example: low bearing capacity of the soil, presence of clay or a high-water table), our helical piers are the best solution.  This ensures the foundation will sit on proper ground with the appropriate bearing load.

Our specialized machines install the Techno Metal Post by rotating it into the ground then reading the ground bearing capacity.  The setup is complete when the correct depth and required bearing load is attained… Simple and efficient!

Once that is done, our certified installer cuts off the top of the steel shaft to the correct height.  Afterwards, a top plate is installed, making it possible to solidify the Techno Metal Posts with the ground beam.

We're a little biased, and think Techno Metal Post helical piers may even be a ground beam contractor’s “best friend”.


How does the helical pier work?

Once the ground beam and helical pier have been joined, the accumulated live and dead loads, will be transferred across to the depth and layer of bearing capacity.  This way, the building can be assembled on the ground beam as planned.  Techno Metal Posts helical piers, made of steel, are considered a prefabricated foundation alternative to many contractors.

They consist of:

  • A load-bearing support plate, that connects to the structure.  They are available in several models and sizes to accommodate different dimensions or materials
  • A central shaft which transfers loads from the top plate to the helical section
  • One or more helical pieces welded near the base of the shaft, which is the bearing load part of the screw pile

Under the rotating effect, the helix penetrates the soil and practically no material is ejected.  The shaft of the Techno Metal Posts can be extended if necessary, using welded extensions down to the desired ground bearing level.  The size of the shafts and the helical parts are designed by our engineering team, according to the ground conditions and the load to be supported.


Advantages of using helical piers with ground beams:


Simple and quick

Our piers are installed by our certified installers, using proprietary hydraulic machines.  This allows them to immediately start building, without the hassles of digging and managing large trenches.


Limited excavation and low footprint

Techno Metal Post has developed a range of hydraulic machines dedicated entirely to the installation of screw piles.  They are all designed to perform rigorous and reliable work, and in most cases, no extra excavation is necessary for common residential projects.


Strong, solid & steadfast

They are designed according to the highest engineering and quality standards.  And so, their capacity to support heavy loads is guaranteed.  Techno Metal Posts are compliant with the UKCA, BBA and LABC certifications.

We consider them the best complementary solution for ground beam foundations.  For many years they have been used to support them, assuring a solid infrastructure is in place for your building projects.

Contact your nearest installer for more information and an affordable solution to your construction needs.





Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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