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As winter approaches our attention begins to turn towards storage – cars and other vehicles, gardening tools, sporting equipment, snow blowers and shovels.  Whether you are building a carport or a garage, you want to ensure your foundation is solid and secure for a very long time, and that your belongings remain well-protected.  Techno Metal Post’s helical pier foundation system guarantees a strong, stable, and durable base for any structure.  Our helical piers are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards, ensuring they can withstand the heaviest loads and the most challenging soil conditions.

When building a foundation for your carport or garage, erase the word “concrete” from your vocabulary and say “yes” to Techno Metal Post.  Frost and seasonal changes can be challenging for traditional concrete sonotubes; when the ground moves, so will the sonotubes.  But Techno Metal Post’s helical piers remain in place, despite ground movements, thanks to our exclusive green polyethylene sleeve. During the frost/thaw cycle, the sleeve slides vertically along the pier, following the movements of the soil. The pier, itself, does not move, assuring the stability of your garage or carport all year long.

Our Engineering Department attends to the analysis and certification of your project. Our engineers determine which piers to use, depending on the structure, soil characteristics, and load requirements.  As is the case for many construction projects, carports and garages must respect municipal bylaws.  Our engineers will make sure your foundation installation complies with all municipal regulations and adheres to strict quality standards.

Techno Metal Post’s installation process is efficient and environmentally friendly.  Our versatile installation equipment is compact and created to manoeuvre around very narrow spaces, making it is easy to install piers close to buildings, or in uneven or difficult-to-access terrain.  Our specialized machinery and certified installers ensure there is very little disruption to your home and property, as well as very little impact on the surrounding natural environment. 

Techno Metal Post’s helical pier foundation system is the most effective and reliable solution for your construction projects, especially for structures which shelter valuable property.  Because our piers are quick and simple to install, you can easily begin building your carport or garage the same day.  And with Techno Metal Post, you can be guaranteed a strong, solid foundation and peace of mind for many years to come.

Projects built on helical piles