Approved Alternative to Prescriptive Foundations and Footings Under the International Residential Code (IRC)

Getting ready for another busy season? You can save a lot of time and trouble by using Techno Metal Post instead of digging and pouring concrete.

Techno Metal Post helical pile foundations are the only ones in the industry to be recognized as alternatives to prescriptive foundations and footings. They are recognized (IAPMO ER-481) for decks and other residential accessory structures, for new construction, and for additions on residential occupancies built under the following codes: 2015, 2012, 2009, 2006 International Residential Code (IRC).


Use our products as footings for your next residential project and discover the numerous benefits in store for you:

  • Building permit process made smooth and easy
  • Assurance of a top-quality product
  • Installation by trained and certified installers
  • Certified field reports, reviewed and stamped by a licensed professional engineer
  • No digging, no concrete
  • Accelerate the building process of your project
  • Cost-effective

Please read more about our IAPMO Evaluation Report (ER-481) 

Whatever your residential needs, we have the solution. You can rely on Techno Metal Post, the world leader in helical pile foundations.

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