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May 12, 2023

Helical Piles vs. Concrete Piers

Opting for the lowest initial price, may not result in the best long-term value. The cost of a helical pile installation versus concrete piers depends on several factors.

While the initial cost of helical piles may appear more expensive upfront, they are a more economical solution longterm. This due to their durability, reliability, quick installation process, and ability to withstand weather and ground fluctuations. Here are some factors that contribute to cost efficiency of helical piles over concrete piers:


Installation Speed

Helical piles are quicker to install than concrete piers as they require no digging or curing time. Upon installation, they provide instant load-bearing support. This means lower labor costs and a faster project completion. Ultimately this helps to lower expenses and improve project profitability.


Minimal Site Disruption

The helical pile installation process causes very little noise, dust, or vibration, which reduces disturbance to the site as well as surrounding areas. This means less money spent on property restoration, landscaping costs, and site cleanup.


No Excavation or Hauling of Soil

Installing helical piles does not involve excavation or removal of soil, which reduces the material and disposal costs associated with traditional concrete piers.


Durable and Reliable

Helical piles are made of quality steel and offered with a hot-dipped galvanized coating for an extended life. They resist frost heaving better than typical concrete piers which are installed only to frost depth. The piles are capacity validated in the field, which is a more dependable method than sizing concrete piers based on soil bearing capacity. Their durability and reliability lead to long-term savings.


Suitable for Most Soil Types

Helical piles are ideal for a variety of soil types and geological conditions. This versatility eliminates the need for additional foundation types, which overall reduces building costs.


Team Morale

We also need to consider how much happier your staff will be when they no longer have to dig holes. Happier employees perform better and improve profitability.


These factors combined make helical piles a more cost-effective option than concrete piers. They save time, reduce labor costs, produce minimal site disruption, and require less maintenance.

If you want to estimate the real cost of digging concrete footings, you should consider these variables:


Labor___(in hours) x  $_____(per hour) :_________
Auger & machine rental or purchase :_________
Concrete :_________
Sono tube :_________
Brackets :_________
Spoils / debris removal :_________
Inspections :_________
De-watering holes :_________
Jack Hammer rental or purchase :_________
Total :_________



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