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August 29, 2022

New dealer in Central New York, USA

Techno Metal Post Central New York is one of the latest (and youngest) dynamic teams to join Techno Metal Post. Ryan Suwek and Travis Eberley – who have known each other since 6th grade – have teamed-up to create Techno Metal Post Central New York and recently spent a week training with us in Thetford Mines.

At only 22 years old, Ryan has already been in the construction industry for almost 10 years. He graduated with a college degree in Construction Management where he studied both commercial and residential construction. Two years ago, he started his own company. Ryan also has a close connection to Quebec: his father is from Montreal and had a long hockey career here as well as in the US.

Ryan’s great love is also hockey and he played junior ‘AAA’ hockey with the Syracuse Stars, and then went on to the US National development program. Unfortunately, a serious knee injury ended that dream, so he turned his career trajectory to his other passion: construction, building his career and business, and now venturing into the world of Techno Metal Post “has filled the void,” he says.

After high school, Travis Eberley headed south to work as a landscaper in southwest Florida. After a year and a half in the sun, he returned to New York and worked as a commercial roofer for a year. A background in landscaping and roofing, Travis also gained experience in carpentry working summer jobs in high school. And since teaming up with Ryan this past year, Travis says his buddy has taught him a great deal about construction.

In their spare time, Ryan and Travis do some woodworking on the side. Though, as a young entrepreneur, Ryan says he has very little spare time left. Travis likes to enjoy the outdoors, snowboarding in the Adirondack mountains, snowmobiling, and hunting. However, he says now that he and Ryan are opening up Techno Metal Post Central New York, “I’ll be joining the same (time) boat as Ryan.”

Although Ryan had learned about helical piers in college and had read about them in construction journals, he had yet to discover Techno Metal Post helical piers. He and Travis were introduced to them when they were hired to build a 1000 sq. ft deck in the Old Forge area. It was their biggest project, to date. The client had asked for a helical pier foundation system, and the piers were being installed by Paul Ritz of Techno Metal Post Adirondack. Ryan knew Paul and when he and Travis arrived on site, they were very happy and relieved that they “wouldn’t have to be digging holes!” Having built their deck on Paul’s Techno Metal Post helical piers, Ryan and Travis were hooked. After this experience, they decided they wanted to go into business together and establish a Techno Metal Post dealership in their own region, Central New York.

Ryan and Travis had a great week of training with us, saying it was very “thorough and interesting.” They appreciated covering all the multiple aspects of a Techno Metal Post dealership: “We learned so much about the products, marketing, and technical aspects of the business.” The guys were also very impressed with the depth of the engineering presentation. When it came time to do the installation training, Ryan said, “Max would not let us put a post in the ground unless it was 100% plumb. We learned to take pride in the fact that it’s not how fast you install the post, it’s the quality of the install.” At the end of the week, both Ryan and Travis expressed their appreciation of being so “welcomed in as a part of the Techno Metal Post family.” They now plan to grow their business “as well as grow our reputation built on a quality installation of a quality product.”




Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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