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Techno Metal Post

Garages & Shelters

Techno Metal Post supports all type of Garages & Shelters

Strong, solid… steadfast

You can now switch from saying “concrete” to popularizing "helical piers" instead. More than not, frost and seasonal changes can be damaging for traditional concrete slab foundations. Luckily, Techno Metal Post’s helical piers remain in place, despite ground movements. All this, thanks to our exclusive green polyethylene sleeve. During the frost/thaw cycle, the sleeve slides vertically along the pier, following the movements of the soil. The post itself does not move, therefore the stability of your garage or carport foundation, is assured year long.

No excavation and low footprint

Techno Metal Post’s installation process is efficient and environmentally responsible. Our versatile equipment is compact and created to move around small and narrow spaces. This makes it easier to install the piers close to buildings, as well as, in rough and hard-to-access terrain. Our specialized machinery and certified installers ensure very little disruption to your property, and very little impact on the surrounding environment.

Engineering services

Our Engineering Department attends to the analysis and approval of your project. Our engineers determine which piers to use depending on the structure, soil characteristics, and load requirements. As is the case for many construction projects, including carports and garages, municipal and city regulations must be respected. Our engineers will ensure the installation of your foundation complies with all regulatory requirements, and meets high quality standards.

Quick and easy

The ideal solution for construction projects that protect valuable property, would be a Techno Metal Post helical pier foundation.
Our piers are not only efficient and reliable, but also easy to install, allowing you to start building the same day. With Techno Metal Post, you can rest assured you'll have a stable and secure foundation, that will provide peace of mind for many years to come.

Simple and affordable

Techno Metal Post are installed by our certified installers using specialized, powerful installation equipment, allowing you to build your project on a solid foundation without the inconvenience of concrete.

Easy access in tight spaces

Techno Metal Post's compact installation equipment, is designed to fit through the tightest  spaces. Our specialized machinery allows us to install foundation piers in proximity to gardens, decks, patios, and other structures without causing any disruption to your property or landscaping.

Exclusive sleeve

During freeze/thaw periods, the green sleeve slides vertically along the pile, following the movement of the ground. The pile does not move. This ensures the stability of your structure throughout the year.

Simple and fast


With Techno Metal Post helical pile foundations, it’s possible to build a patio in a single day. Take a look at the following videos demonstrating how quick and easy it is to carry out a construction project using Techno Metal Post helical piles.



Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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