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April 10, 2024

TMP Welcomes a New Dealership from North Virginia

We are thrilled to introduce Jeff Strite and Sean Hamon, as new dealers with Techno Metal Post NoVa LLC. With a love for construction and the outdoors, these two gentlemen will be serving the North Virginian region.

Jeff, now 57 and married, grew up with friends whose fathers built houses, allowing him to work in construction every summer during school breaks. Eventually, people in his hometown started asking him to put up fences and build decks for them, leading him down a different career path, despite pursuing a business degree. Jeff quickly realized he didn’t want to do what everyone else did because his heart was to start his own business.

In 1990, the economy was down, making it hard to start a construction company, so Jeff took a sales job he disliked. Between jobs, he backpacked around the world, traveling from the Middle East to Asia. He prioritized travel, taking winters off to explore different continents and experience mountaineering. During this whole time, he also started building his deck and outdoor living company, Exterior Wood Designs. His current company, Core Outdoor Living, has now merged with a general contractor who wanted to put his resources towards outdoor living.

As for Sean, he’s married with two kids who help shape his work/life balance. He owned an outdoor living construction company which took up much of his time but left little room to make memories with his family. Trying to be faithful to his values he decided to close his business and went to work for another outdoor construction company where he met Jeff through a common supplier. He later joined Core Outdoor Living, which he’s been a part of for nearly 2 years. In conversations with Jeff, Sean had shared his ideas about outdoor living including his interest in helical piles and their environmental benefits. A future meeting in Pennsylvania led them to a TMP introduction, which seemed like a perfect fit for them. TMP offered a turnkey dealership and ongoing support, so they connected via a video call and decided to move forward together. They say it’s a great motivation because it aligns with their values and goals.

We wish them much success in their new venture with TMP!




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