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Oak Wood Carport, Self-build Carport

Techno Metal Post U.K. has been contacted by the architect and self-builder to install the foundation of his own carport near South Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. The customer believed that using helical piles must be the right solution as the closeness to large trees leads him to the screw piling. Indeed, the steering of the piles is possible and allow to go around a tree root.

This solution was acceptable to local authorities who would not allow concrete filled trenching so close to my trees.

The helical piles have been installed without any soil excavation. Moreover, it was the best way to protect the roots of the trees, to avoid any damage to the driveway and, by the way, to respect the suitable distance and depth to avoid the risk of the clay heave/shrinkage movement due to moisture variations.

The foundation for this project rests on eleven helical piles, 2,1 meters in depth, to ensure the carport is properly founded and anchored. The whole installation has been completed in 4 hours.

As soon as the Techno Metal Posts were installed, the customer was able to immediately begin and self-build the oak wood structure.

The customer confirms: All the trees are still thriving, I was very pleased with the piles you installed and the service you provided.

Project: Oak Wood Carport

Year: 2018

Dealer: Techno Metal Post UK

Location: South of Nottingham

Partner: Self-builder

Project Goals and Challenges: To install a carport, oak wood structure, avoid damage to the trees and the landscaping.

Type of Soil: 40 cm of “made ground” with brick fragments, mixed gravels and fine roots on top of 2,4 meters of firm to very stiff, brown and sandy clay with mixed gravels.

Advantages using TMP:

  • Helical piles do not need any excavation
  • No waiting time to self-build as soon as the installation is done
  • Fast installation, 4 hours to install 11 piles on site

Materials used: Eleven P3-12

Advantages using TMP: EM-1

Bearing capacity: between 1630 N.m and 2610 N.m, depending on piles loading.

Depth: 2 meters

Structure Details: 47,8 m² carport with an oak wood structure installed by the owner, architect and self-builder.

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