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Engineering services

Support for engineering firms and architects

Analysis and validation of your projects

Techno Metal Post's engineering department provides support to engineering firms and architects during the evaluation, design and construction phases. The engineering department is able to support its clients for various applications, in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Techno Metal Post's engineers hold the necessary authorizations to issue compliance documents in all Canadian provinces where our products are available. Techno Metal Post is also an active member of the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI).

Techno Metal Post Screw Piles

The benefits

Design according to construction standards
Saves time and money
100% dedicated to the design of helical piles
Technical assistance
Risk reduction
Sustainable and controlled solution
Optimization of the helical pile solution

Engineering Department

Our engineering team

Techno Metal Post's engineering department was created in 1998 by Mr. Pascal Marceau, Eng. Mr. Marceau has contributed to the growth and democratization of the helical pile in Canada and elsewhere in the world. He has helped the company evolve in the commercial and industrial sectors by developing a wide range of products. More than two decades after its creation, the engineering department at the head office is now composed of a team of more than 15 engineers and technicians. Overseas, a team of three engineers work on projects in Europe and two engineers work on projects in the United States.

You are interested to know more about our products, we offer lunch and learn training to professionals.

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Jérôme Chabot, P.Eng.

James A. Cherry, P.Eng.

Stéphane de Franssu, P.Eng.

Ludovic Fortier-Roberge, P.Eng.

Valérie Groleau, P.Eng.

Michael Hutsenpiller, P.Eng.

Zung Nguyen, P.Eng.

Sébastien Planquart, P.Eng.

Pierre-Luc Ste-Marie, P.Eng.

Raphaël Vachon, P.Eng.

Techno Metal Posts are guaranteed et certified by our engineers.



Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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