From Coast to Coast

Good news continue to arrive as the year unfolds: two new dealers in Canada have joined the Techno Metal Post team.

Mike Smith is the new owner of Techno Metal Post Cariboo, located in Quesnel, British Columbia.  Smith had the opportunity to get to know Techno Metal Posts’ pile system through his work in the construction industry. When he realized what enormous potential and quality the product had, he did not think twice about approaching Techno Metal Post to secure a dealership.

Daniel Hubert worked in the housing construction and renovation sector in Newfoundland. He discovered Techno Metal Post while looking for an alternative solution to concrete foundations for his clients. During his tour of company headquarters, Daniel expressed surprise over the warm reception offered him by the team and the scope of its operations. Following this visit, he began to prepare an application to secure a dealership in Newfoundland, which was granted him in May of this year.


Clément Binet (President) shakes hands with  Daniel Hubert (owner of Techno Metal Post NFLD)

These two new dealers once again confirm that Techno Metal Post continues to be the number one choice in the helical pile industry from coast to coast.

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