Casa Sant Julià – Spain

Casa Sant Julia - EspagneNorth of Barcelona (Spain) in La Floresta, a single family house has been built using cross laminated timber panels on Techno Metal Posts. The steep terrain, proximity to the road, and the goal of minimizing earth-moving were serious challenges to the architects from the SAIZVERDOUX studio. They ruled out the use of traditional foundations as being far too invasive. Instead they went for a reversible and environmentally friendly solution using Techno Metal Post helical piles.

This modern 191 square meter home has been erected on 12 P3 and P4 Techno Metal Posts sunk to depths from 1.5 to 4.8 meters in order to obtain the maximum installation torque to support the required load capacity.  The certified Techno Pieux Nimes installation team used the R2D, a specialized piece of installation equipment. This allowed them to eliminate the constraints of limited space and large soil cuttings.

Casa Sant Julia - Espagne 2

This is an exceptional project, made possible thanks to the innovative solutions approach of Techno Metal Post. To view more details and photos visit, .

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Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Quindos and Techno Pieux Nîmes