INNOVENTUM calls for Techno Metal Post !

INNOVENTUM, a Swedish enterprise aiming to become a leader in the field of renewable energy with a neutral carbon footprint has retained the services of Techno Metal Post to supply the foundations for the first two installations of “Giraffe” .

“We have chosen Techno Metal Post because there is no need for excavation, the installation is extremely quick and their process sets forth an interesting carbon footprint.” states the president of INNOVENTUM, Mr. Sigwald Harryson.

The « Giraffe » is a hybrid energy station which allows the electric machine to recharge through a graceful network of wind and solar power generation. The wooden structure has 4 legs which bear upon and are attached to helical piles.

Techno Metal Post  arrives 08:45
Upon completion, Team TP Belux leaves 13:45

Together, with the establishment of a successful result supported by an unfaltering will, INNOVENTUM and Techno Metal Post have proposed real and practical solutions, which are also respectful of the environment.

One “Giraffe” has been installed in the Swedish city of Malmö, which is hosting Eurovision 2013. Techno Pieux Belux has supplied the foundation for this installation. A second has been installed on the campus of ENSTIB in Epinal France by Techno Pieux Sarre.