Techno Metal Post would like to introduce another member to the Techno Metal Post community: Dan Kelly is our new dealer for Techno Metal Post Ottawa. Originally from south western Ontario, Dan grew up on a farm and spent his early years working summers, weekends, and holidays in his uncle’s construction company. An electrical engineer by training, Dan put himself through college and university building custom homes. After university, he went to work as an engineer at Honda Canada Manufacturing doing complex problem analysis and new model design. After three years he said he “needed to learn the real world” and wanted his own business. In 2008, he moved to Ottawa with his family and returned to the field of construction. He apprenticed at Hickory Dickory Decks and eventually bought the franchise.

Dan is married with 2 children: a 9-year-old son who loves to play hockey, and a 12-year-old daughter who is a dancer. Dan says, “working is my hobby”, and if he is not doing that, he is at the ice rink with his son.

While working at Hickory Dickory Decks, Dan discovered Techno Metal Post helical piles, as the company used them for their deck projects. Impressed with what he saw, he said he knew he wanted to be part of Techno Metal Post. When he learned the Techno Metal Post Ottawa dealer, Richard Turpin, was retiring, he inquired about buying the Ottawa dealership and now, here he is.

Dan describes his week of training with us as “very exciting!” and is impressed with the people he met. He said, “everyone is super nice and friendly. Any questions I’ve had have been answered immediately. Everyone is very knowledgeable.”

Dan says his plans and objectives at this point are very basic: “We’re already installing piles, and the plan is to keep putting piles in the ground.” He is especially looking forward to “the joy of physical labour and getting my hands dirty. I am so excited to start this new business; it’s finally becoming a reality. It’s been a long negotiation process to this point, so it’s finally nice to be here.”

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