New Zealand is joining the Techno Metal Post worldwide network!

Techno Metal Post is proud to announce that contractors and consumers in New Zealand can now take advantage of the Techno Metal Post technology. After several months of technical discussions and exchanges, MRs Peter Lemmon and Tom Thorpe, well recognized professionals in the drilling and piling industry, have concluded that the Techno Metal Posts is a suitable solution for many projects in their country.

The equipment designed and manufactured by Techno Metal Post will make it possible to achieve acceptable outcomes for difficult projects, where traditional foundation techniques cannot easily be used” says Mr. Lemmon. Certain areas of New Zealand have complex ground conditions and these have been a real challenge for the Techno Metal Post team that provide technical engineering and design.

TMP export manager, Benoit Pelletier adds: “Our wealth of experience and technical knowledge will certainly be an advantage for the projects that are to be implemented in this country. Results obtained will reflect back on the global network, making all of us better!”


MRs Tom Thorpe and Peter Lemmon

Team Techno Metal Post New Zealand Ltd will receive its first two machines and Techno Metal Post product in December … in the heart of summer in this part of the world! Several projects are already under study and 2015 looks promising!

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