Second Dealership in the Colorado Area

The Pikes Peak Region located in the Colorado Springs area will have a Techno Metal dealership to cover El Paso, Douglas, Elbert and Teller counties. Colorado is now being serviced south of Denver by Techno Metal Post Pike Peaks Region. The northern area has been looked after since early 2014 by Techno Metal Post of Boulder Valley.

After meeting with the Director of Development in the United States Serge Larouche, Tim Rushing decided to acquire a Techno Pieux dealership. He immediately put together a dynamic team mainly made up of some of his family and a close collaborator. Even before the contracts were signed TMP Pikes Peak Region was able to awaken interest in this technology in their region. The construction and home renovations experience of Tim and his team really allows them to understand the importance of building on solid foundations that will resist all the ups and downs of the weather.

Étienne St-Laurent (Techno Pieux Director General), Serge Larouche (Director of Development in the United States), Cody Rushing, Kalib Dyche, Tim Rushing (TMP Pikes Peak Region owner), Logan Rushing and Pascal Marceau (Techno Pieux President).

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