Switzerland: Another Country that trusts Techno Pieux!

Rolex, Nestlé, Roger Federer, Leica Geosystems, the International Red Cross…

There are so many names that are recognized for their excellence, their precision, and their perfection. They come from the same country: Switzerland.

As of October 14th of this year, Switzerland is also one of the countries that put their trust in Techno Pieux!

Over the last 12 months, 2 Swiss architects agreed to become National Leaders for Techno Pieux in their country.

During the past week, Roland Schleer and Christian Sbizzera took the training course at Techno Pieux headquarters in Thetford Mines. They signed contracts guaranteeing them the exclusive rights to use the registered trademarks, and technology of Techno Pieux.

Techno Pieux International is pleased to count on their new collaborators who will be providing quality foundations in this fifth European country. Techno Pieux Suisse foresees developing the Techno Pieux market throughout all of the Swiss cantons. This makes up over seven and a half million people, in this market.

Stay tuned for our news, and find out what the first Swiss Techno Pieux project will be…

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