Techno Pieux Annual Meeting

The annual Techno Pieux meeting has just been held in Sarrebourg (57). Dealers from France, Guadeloupe and Belgium (our Spanish representatives took a rain check…!) met to attend presentations made by professionals and to share information about their good management and installation practices.

The new Techno Pieux installation equipment was introduced. The EM-1 and ET-1 models showed off their advantages and became immortalized along the side of the Pieux R2D that premiered in France in 2003.

Like every year Techno Pieux France took advantage of the event to deliver the quality certificates that allowed them to spotlight the outstanding productions of some of the dealerships….so….

  • Rookie of the Year and Champion Pieutiste Certificates went to Techno Pieux Picardie
  • Best Progress Certificate went to Techno Pieux Arcachon
  • the Certificate for the project that was finished the fastest while maintaining the intrinsic and excellent quality of the technology went to Techno Pieux Sarre
  • and, finally, the Certificate for Excellence, given to the dealership where customers emphasize their satisfaction with Techno Pieux France, went to Techno Pieux Arcachon

This two-day event was made possible through the collaboration of a large number of companies in the Sarrebourg region, the support of Techno Pieux Belgique as well as the friends and associates of Paul Thomann, manager of Techno Pieux France.

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