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« Techno Metal Post has revolutionized deck building for me. The ability to set the steel piles and build in the same day greatly increases production. Add in the fact that I'm saving huge bucks in labour by not having to remove displaced earth, haul concrete, and clean up the mess makes Techno Metal Post the only way to begin a deck project. »

Paul Lafrance


"Disaster Deck" and "Decked Out" TV shows

« A solarium needs a foundation [...] having a concrete slab on grade with posts driven through the slab to lock it in place, so it won’t shift or move over time. But the kind of posts your contractor uses will make all the difference. We used Techno Metal Post’s helical pile — three at the back of the solarium (the part that’s away from the house). They’re like giant metal screws, so the frost can’t grab them and pull them up. Only a certified technician can install these posts because specialized hydraulic machinery that measures soil conditions has to be used. »

Mike Holmes

Holmes group / Pressmedia

« At Pika Energy, we work hard to produce the best residential wind turbines available. We expect every component of a Pika system to meet our rigorous standards of quality and reliability; thats why we recommend "Techno Metal Post" ground anchors to the professionals who install our products. »

Jeremy Niles


Pika Energy

« We first discovered helical pile technology during the past year. We used this technology to anchor our first two pedestrian bridges in 2013. We were surprisingly impressed by this technology, particularly for its ease of installation and competitive pricing. I would compare the simplicity of this technology to that of the wood screw. We intend to use this technology for all of our marine applications. »

Alex de la Chevrotière, P. Eng.

MAADI Group Inc.

« I've dealt with you and that is to tell you that I am very satisfied.I had very good service: I called Friday, August 16 and Monday, August 19 at 14:00 piles were installed and the technician (John Philip Gallant) was very friendly and professional. Thank you! »

Alain S.

Ancienne Lorette, Qc.

« In 1993, I had 11 piles installed for my porch, my gallery, my shed and my oil tank. In 20 years I 've never adjusted anything ... really happy! »

Marc V.

From Facebook

« I chose Techno Metal Post during our renovations in 2010 and we greatly enjoyed our new piles without damaging the ground. . . quickly - well done! »

Daniel G.

From Facebook

« Built on Techno Metal Posts five years ago. Quick and clean building site, consistent with what has been agreed .... In short, if I had to rank the companies that have intervened on my building site, Techno Metal Post is by far the most efficient and most of all professional. If I re-build, I re-techno Metal Post. »

Fred S.

From Facebook

« I’m at a loss for words. This company always goes above and beyond, and I can’t thank you enough. This document is so complete and informative (well at least by my standards). This is just one of many reasons I prefer to do business with Techno Metal Post. Thanks again for the amazing document, it’s truly appreciated. »

Lia S.


« We thank Techno Metal Post Inc. for the warm welcome and your professional cooperation. »

Jean-Claude Richard

SIMCO Buildings

« We were fortunate this morning to have Félix-Antoine for the installation of our piles. I must say that Felix-Antoine is a very, very positive element for your business. Highlights: - Great smile and super nice attitude - Conscientious work - Attentive to the customer - Ensures that the client understands what will be done I have no words to tell you how much we are satisfied with the quality of service provided by Techno Metal Post ! A thousand thank you to you and the whole team, we have clearly made ​​the right choice!! »

Suzie et José R.


« Many thanks to Techno Pieux Suisse for this fabulous job, for always caring and being there! After being very disappointed by the incompetence, lack of professionalism and mainly by the lack of respect for us as clients by almost everyone involved in building our home, the Techno Pieux team returned the smile to our faces after just one day. At least one thing will be well done on this job. THANKS!!! »

Rebecca Kolb-Remerscheid

Switzerland - From Facebook

« We thank you for the excellent coordination and the respect of schedule. »

Danielle Belair


« We love our Techno posts. For four years our retaining wall has never budged, even after the horrible winter we just had. »

Sandra Lanoix

From Facebook

« I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your company! From my first call to you, to the follow up with Samantha on the phone, to the two men that you sent to install posts for our deck this morning. We were so pleased with both of them. They were polite, professional and very conscientious about the job they were hired to do for us. It is not often that we get compliments but I couldn't let this go by without telling you just how pleased we are! You are very fortunate to have such great employees. They represent your company well!! Our son-in-law is a P. Eng and we have passed your business card and information onto him. I am sure he will be calling at some point. Thank you for your help with our project! »

Danny and Priscilla A.

From Email

« I have used them for decks and additions by the time you weigh out the labor to dig holes buy tubes fill tubes with concrete backfill around tubes and fix the landscape around where you dig this is a much better setup and dollar for dollar less expensive! »

Jim Boyle

From Facebook

« Take a look at these, the installation machine is like a mountain goat, climbs about anywhere.I used them in AK and worked out fantastic. »

Ken Robbins


From small-cabin.com

« Techno Metal Post has been a tremendous addition to the Arbutus Greenway solar lighting project team. Urban Solar appreciates your organization's diligence and commitment in getting this project completed. The wind storm on Dec 20th was a great testament to the structural integrity of the implemented TMP solution. I know that the City of Vancouver and MTS were also impressed with the TMP offering.  »

Mark Harold

Urban Solar

« Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre in Penetang. Congratulations to the Barrie Techno Metal Post company and Team, for the awesome work that was achieved with regards to the engineer designs, the layouts, for manufacturing the steel helical posts, arranging delivery to site, for having the proper equipment, machinery and trucks, that maintained a good flow to this project’s schedule, as the Team members per professional, experienced, on time, were caring and worked diligently in rain and shine. Their administration staff was on top of their game, as the demanding test results were produced at record speed and spelled out accurately to satisfy all the Building Inspectors to allow our project to continue forward flawlessly. Well Done ! »

Pierre Belanger

Site Supervisor - Royal Homes Ltd.