Clothes Line Posts

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There is nothing like the smell of freshly launder clothes fluttering in the summer breeze, hanging on the clothesline.  It evokes childhood memories of burying your face in the cool, fresh sheets when they came in off the line.

However, exposed to all kinds of weather year-round, clothesline posts often need to be replaced. After several years of wear and tear, they no longer remain up to standard and have a tendency to rust. With Techno Metal Post, replacing your clothesline post is quick and easy, and your post guaranteed to last longer. 

Techno Metal Post has developed a simple and reliable system to install a proper clothesline post.  The system consists of simply planting a galvanized helical pile into the ground until it reaches the proper load bearing capacity.  Next, a galvanized extension is welded to the pile to ensure solidity and stability.  The galvanization protects the steel pieces against oxidization, preventing them from rusting, ensuring a longer life for your clothesline post.

Techno Metal Post’s helical piles and extensions are specially engineered to ensure stability and durability. Our helical piles are certified and guaranteed, and our quick installation process is economical and environmentally friendly. Our compact, powerful machinery can access hard-to-reach areas without disruption to your yard or landscaping.  As well, we can easily remove and reinstall our helical piles if you need to relocate your clothesline post or decide to remove it altogether.

Our installers will help make your needs a realization with one single visit; one quick installation; and one less worry in your life.  So, fulfill those childhood memories of reeling in fresh laundry off the line, and guarantee the sweet smell of summer breezes for longer. Techno Metal Post: an ideal setup for your clothesline.

Projects built on helical piles