Techno Metal Post is the first company in the helical pile industry to have obtained certifications in the U.S. and Canada, as well as a technical assessment in Europe.


Techno Metal Post received an evaluation report (ESR #3418) from the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), the equivalent of the CCMC in Canada and the CCFAT in France, providing evidence that our 3 ½ in. (88.9 mm) diameter helical pile, models P3-8, P3-10 and P3-12, as well as bracket models PC5, PC6, PC8, PU4, PU5, PU4B, PU5B, PSC6, PSC8, PIB6 and PIB8 comply with code requirements in the United States.

ICC ESR-3418, U.S. (.Pdf)



As of 2018, Techno Metal Post is the first and only company in the world to receive the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officers (IAPMO) ER-481 approval for its helical pile models P1 (1-7/8″ O.D.), P2 (2-3/8″ O.D.) and P3 (3.5’’ O.D.) and accompanying brackets. This approval means our product is compliant with the International Residential Code (IRC Code) 2015, 2012 and 2009. This Evaluation Report is in accordance with IAPMO-UES Evaluation Criteria for Helical Foundations for use under the IAPMO UES ER-481 IRC, EC-027.

IAPMO-UES Evaluation Report 481



ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization:
a) needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and
b) aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

CWB-CERT-ISO-9001_2015-EN (.Pdf)



In 2002 (and renewed in 2018), Techno Metal Post received certification from the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) attesting that Techno Pieux/Techno Metal Post products comply with the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC).

Evaluation Report CCMC 13059-R of the National Research Council of Canada (.Pdf)



BSI – CE marking
Techno Metal Post Inc has received the Certification that confirms its products fulfil all the prescribed requirements for the European Norm EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 including Execution Class 2 in EN 1090-2. As a result, since June 2017, the Techno Metal Posts are CE marked to meet the national regulations for all European countries as per the Interior Rule CEN/CENELEC.

Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control 2797 CPR 654774 (.Pdf)



Products that receive Agrément Certificates are recognised by building control, government departments, architects, specifiers and industry insurers. It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability that provides reassurance of the product’s fitness-for-purpose. Only products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production are awarded an Agrément Certificate. This is followed by a comprehensive review every three years.

Agrément Certificate Product Sheet-5477PS1i2 (.Pdf)




Since 2006, Techno Metal Post’s technology has been granted technical approval #3/16‑873 by the Commission chargée de formuler des Avis Techniques (CCFAT) in France. To date, this technical approval is in force in France and the French Overseas Countries and Territories for the implementation of specific foundations. The helical piles manufactured by Techno Metal Post can be used to support new constructions or additions, and to reinforce existing structures.

Technical Approval # 3.3/16-873, CCFAT, France (French only) (.Pdf)



CWB FR CB Certified W47_1CWB
Techno Metal Post is also certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) CSA W47.1 for the following welds:

– Helix with pile
– Ring with pile
– Ring with extension