What is the cost of a helical pile?

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Before answering this question, it is important to know the type of project for which the helical pile is being used as the foundation.  For example, the cost of a helical pile for a deck foundation would be different than a helical pile used for a house extension or for supporting a cottage.

Briefly, the cost for helical piles is based on several criteria:

Loads to support:  Higher loads require larger piles at a higher price.  

Length of the piles:  In cases where the soil is of low density, extensions must be added to increase the length of the pile to reach the required depth (dense soil).  This would increase the price of each pile.

Dimensions of the helix:  In certain cases, the dimension of the helix can have an influence on the cost of the piles, especially for large helix diameters. For example, the cost of a helical pile with a 16-inch helix can be more expensive than a pile with an 8-inch helix.

Quality of the pile:  The steel used, the certifications, the quality of the manufacture, and the quality of the installation are all factors to consider in the price of a helical pile.

Corrosion protection:  The cost of a galvanized pile will normally be more expensive than a black steel pile.


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