Corrosion Protection System Test

In keeping with the company’s philosophy, which is to offer strong and durable products, Techno Metal Post has specially developed technologies using the principle of cathodic protection to ensure that even helical piles installed in corrosive soils are protected for the long term.

Hot-dip galvanizing provides long-term protection for foundation piles.
Techno Metal Post goes one step further by offering alternatives to galvanizing.
Installing a cathodic protection system ensures the integrity of the structure for the desired time period.

T Pro offers two products for the protection of helical pile foundations:

Ring AnodesTM are ring-shaped magnesium sacrificial anodes installed on the shaft of the pile. They provide a one-time cathodic protection for small structures.
Ring Anodes use the intrinsic electrochemical properties of metals. Since the magnesium anode is from material inferior to steel, it consumes itself, thereby releasing an electrical current that prevents the structure from corroding.



Spin AnodesTM are impressed current anodes that are screwed into the ground like piers. Therefore, they do not require excavation and are available in a variety of sizes depending on the current needed.
Spin Anodes are made from alloys superior to steel and diffuse an electrical current produced by an external rectifier, thereby ensuring continuous protection of the buried steel structure.



T Pro is a sister company of Techno Metal Post. It is specialized in corrosion prevention, investigation and control.