Fix or Adjustable Bracket Installation



The pile cap (fixed or adjustable) must directly bear on the shaft below. The 4 set screws shall be torqued with a minimum of 15 ft-lb of torque using a hexagonal key. For adjustable cap, a fifth set screw shall be torqued to prevent lateral movement of the threaded rod.




The sleeve of the pile cap (fixed or adjustable) is attached to the shaft of the pile using self-drilling screws (a minimum of two (2) or three (3) screws is required, see below). Techno Metal Post recommends using the following product or equivalent:

  • UCAN (model TRH 12114K5) self-drilling screws (or any equivalent brand);
  • size 12-24;
  • length 1.25” (32 mm);
  • drill point #5 in galvanized steel.

The allowable uplift resistance values (lb) between the pile cap and the pile attained during the laboratory test.

UCAN Self-drilling Screws
Allowable uplift resistance (lb) between the pile cap and the pile

Screw size


Resistance for 2 screws

Resistance for 3 screws

Resistance for 4 screws



2 000 lb

3 000 lb

4 000 lb

Please note that for decks and additions, we recommend using a minimum of 2 self-drilling screws. For piles supporting a structure with a roof with no floor (carport, pergola, etc.), we recommend using 3 self-drilling screws minimum. The connection of the supported member may limit uplift capacity.

The use of adjustable pile cap must be avoided for free-standing structures and structures with a roof (carport, pergola, etc.) given the presence of greater lateral and uplift loads.