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Boardwalks, nature trails, and footbridges facilitate our enjoyment of the outdoors by allowing us access to places we wouldn’t normally go.  These structures take us closer to wildlife habitats, rare plant species, mountains, coastlines, and breathtaking sunsets.  With grace and ease, they put us in contact with the beauty and magic of the natural world in all seasons.  Thanks to Techno Metal Post helical pile foundation systems, we can stroll suspended over wetlands along a boardwalk; meander safely through forests on secure trails; easily traverse rivers and creeks on footbridges; or simply sit and appreciate the view from an observation deck or lookout point.  A strong, solid foundation is vital for such considerable structures – especially public parks, tourist areas, and nature reserves.  Durability and security are of the utmost importance given the amount of traffic and public access to these sites.  Techno Metal Post responds to all those requirements, ensuring strong, secure foundations that are guaranteed to last. 


Our Piles

Techno Metal Post helical piles are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards.  They are certified and proven to support heavy loads, even in the most challenging soil conditions, guaranteeing a solid, strong base.  They are ideally suited for structures like boardwalks and pedestrian bridges, which may require more extensive foundations with many footings.  Because Techno Metal Post helical piles are quick and simple to install, a foundation for a boardwalk can be installed with precision over a large territory in very little time, significantly cutting costs.  The piles can be drilled into almost any location, including coastlines and wetlands, and in any season, including winter.

Our exclusive green polyethene sleeve protects the pile from ground movement during frost/thaw cycles or drought, ensuring the stability of the structure.  Whatever the soil composition, and regardless of the season, a foundation on Techno Metal Post helical piles resists all ground movement.


The Environment: The Beauty of Techno Metal Post Installation Equipment

Equally as important as durability and security, another element that is always at the forefront for Techno Metal Post is the environment.  Boardwalks, nature trails, and pedestrian bridges can cover a wide variety of landscape topographies: coastal areas, woodlands, meadows, wetlands, mangroves, etc.  For these types of projects – especially in areas where there is a diversity of wildlife habitats – protecting ecosystems is crucial for Techno Metal Post.  

Our specialized compact installation equipment can access many terrains with very little impact on the environment, minimal noise, and no vibration.  Our versatile machinery is specially created to maneuver around very narrow and difficult-to-access areas, which is key for projects like nature trails in forests, boardwalks over creeks and rivers, along coastlines, or through mangroves.

Techno Metal Post’s machinery and installation process are environmentally friendly ensuring flora and fauna remain protected and wildlife habitats and ecosystems are preserved. Specialized equipment on tracks allows access to areas where other heavier excavation equipment would sink in swampy areas or riverbeds or destroy plant and animal species.  Precise location and installation of the piles guarantees minimal disruption to the environment. 



Techno Metal Post’s Engineering Department reviews, analyzes, and certifies projects, including large recreational and commercial ones.  For boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, and trails, our engineers determine what is most effective for projects of this scale. Our engineers determine the appropriate pile size, depending on the structure, load requirements, and soil type.  They also make sure the installation of the foundation complies with all municipal and conservation regulations and adheres to strict quality and safety standards. 


Awards and Testimonials

Techno Metal Post has installed helical pile foundations for many beautiful and impressive boardwalks, nature trails, and footbridges in North America.  Some of those projects have gone on to win awards.  After its completion, the East Humber trail, boardwalks, and pedestrian bridges (Richmond Hill, Ontario) won the 2013 PRO Award for Excellence in Design, which recognized the “exceptional contribution to environmentally sensitive and sustainable design.”  That same year, the trail was also selected by the Environmental Design Research Association to be included in their “Health + Healing Places Exhibition”, stating that the trail “truly exemplified” the theme of “Healthy + Healing Places”. 

Whether it is boardwalks through mangroves in the Caribbean, lookout points along mountain trails out west, or footbridges in municipal parks, the nature and scope of such projects is not a problem for Techno Metal Post. Our helical pile foundation system is simple, effective, strong, and environmentally friendly.  It provides easy access to challenging areas while protecting delicate ecosystems.  And because our helical pile foundations are guaranteed to be durable, solid, and secure, they are the ideal solution for recreational and tourism structures, effortlessly giving us the amazing opportunity to walk, jog, picnic, learn, and enjoy the beauty of nature year-round.   

Projects built on helical piles

Case studies - Boardwalks / Footbridges / Trails

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