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Cottage Country Awaits!

It’s that time of year when cottage country calls and people start planning their ritual summer escapes to the Great Outdoors. Long weekend getaways, family gatherings, and peaceful downtime at the cottage awaken dreams of lazy, languid summers and family holidays. Perhaps this year you are planning to build your cottage, wanting to secure the foundation of an existing one, or adding an extension to your summer residence.  Whatever your needs, one thing is certain: a secure, solid, and durable foundation is an absolute must. A Techno Metal Post helical pile foundation is the ideal way to begin your project.

If your cottage is built on waterfront, it is even more important to protect your foundation. The shorelines of lakes and rivers are often characterized by unstable and loose soil that is more vulnerable to movements.  A foundation on helical piles is the best way to counter these shifts, ensuring your cottage stands firmly upright over the years, protecting your investment.

Techno Metal Post’s helical piles are certified and proven to be durable. They are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards, ensuring they can withstand the heaviest loads and conditions possible.  And thanks to our exclusive sleeve, your foundation is guaranteed not to move during freezing/thawing periods. Therefore, whatever the soil composition, and regardless of its freezing and thawing, a foundation on helical piles prevents all movement.

Techno Metal Post’s Engineering Department offers technical support for your foundation. Our engineers determine which piles to use, depending on the structure that needs supporting, and the soil’s condition. They will also make sure the installation complies with all municipal regulations and adheres to strict quality standards.

Techno Metal Post’s installation process is quick and environmentally friendly. With our specialized and compact installation machinery we can access many terrains, making it  easy to install piles in narrow, uneven, or difficult-to-access areas without any disruption to your property or existing landscaping.

If you want to ensure your summer home, its foundation, and additions keep their value over the course of time, a Techno Metal Post helical pile foundation is the obvious way to go.  Your summer holidays and precious getaways should be a time of rest, relaxation, and fun, not a time of worry.  Guarantee your family cottage or weekend holiday haven remain stable and secure for summers and generations to come, with Techno Metal Post.

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