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Strong, solid… steadfast

If your home or cottage is situated along the waterfront, protecting its foundation becomes an essential duty. Since the shores of lakes and rivers are often loose and have unstable soil, the risk of erosion increases. The most time and cost-effective solution is installing a foundation of galvanized helical piles. This will ensure the stability of your home, as well as, securing your investment.

Techno Metal Post's helical piles are designed, engineered, and known for its durability. The piles undergo rigorous testing, to ensure they meet the highest standards, before being certified to withstand heavy loads or poor soil conditions.

Helical piles under concrete

To ensure homes and cottages have strong, lasting foundations, they need solid and stable support. One way to achieve this is by using helical piles to build directly on, or installing the piles underneath the structure’s footing, to prevent foundation cracking caused by ground movement. This method is especially important in areas where the soil has a low bearing capacity, as it ensures the long-term stability of the home or cottage.

Engineering services

Techno Metal Post's Engineering Department provides technical assistance for foundation requirements. Our engineers evaluate the soil condition and the structure requiring support, in order to determine the appropriate piles to use. They also ensure the installation complies with all municipal/city regulations and adheres to high-quality standards.

Construction standards

Our in-house engineering department studies your project and proposes the appropriate solution. The engineering team is able to issue the necessary documents to meet the requirements of your municipality.

Installation on sloping ground

The adapted systems of our compact and powerful machines ensure an unequalled quality of installation. In addition, they can access hard-to-reach places and have the capacity to install on sloping ground.

Easy access in tight spaces

Techno Metal Post's compact installation equipment, is designed to fit through the tightest  spaces. Our specialized machinery allows us to install foundation piers in proximity to gardens, decks, patios, and other structures without causing any disruption to your property or landscaping.

Simple and fast

With Techno Metal Post screw pile foundations, it’s possible to build a patio in a single day. Take a look at the following videos demonstrating how quick and easy it is to carry out a construction project using Techno Metal Post screw piles.



Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures screw piles, specialized installation equipment and all the elements required to support your permanent and temporary projects.

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