Canopy for the Greenland Seals Exhibit, Aquarium du Québec

Year: December 2015

Dealer: TP Quebec

Engineer: Jean Massé Engineering Services (SIJM)

Contractor: Construction B.S.L Inc.

Location: Aquarium du Québec

Goal: Solar canvas support (canopy) above the Greenland seals exhibit. The triangular solar canvas’s sides measure ± 25m x 29m.

Obstacles:  Limited access to job sites. Important compressive, retaining and shearing loads.

Solution: The ET-1 machine was used. The piles installed were P4HD-R5. This pile was chosen to reach the compression loads and uplift. The P4HD with a double helix, sizes 10” and 12” were used to reach the retaining load requirements.

Soil Type: Dense to very dense sand.

Advantage over other traditional methods: Installation speed. No excavation, thus no damage to the surrounding environment. Easy access with our installation equipment.

Materials: 3 piles model P4HD-R5 and 3 piles model P4HD

Equipment: ET-1

Load bearing per pile:

  • P4HD-R5 : Compression = 219 kN Shearing = 19 kN
  • P4HD : Tension = 107 kN

Bearing Capacity: Approximately 20,500 N-m for both types of piles

Depth: Average of 14’ (4 m)

Structure Details: Steel structure supporting the ends of a solar canvas (canopy).