Foundations of a modular wooden terminal

Toulouse Blagnac Airport (31)

Date: 10th of October, 2014

Dealer: Techno Pieux Toulouse

– Stéphane de Franssu
– Guillaume Blestel

Project description

The Gecco Company was responsible for the construction of a terminal for the Tisséo Corporation. (A company specialized in urban transport in Toulouse). These days, environmental criteria are increasingly considered, which is why we chose to build a modular wooden building of 108m² However, this project entailed many limitations:

  • Limited access: the construction site is a true hub, surrounded by numerous infrastructures (pedestrian zone, trams, buses, taxis and cars);
  • Lead time and inconvenience: the impact of the work on nearby services had to be reduced to a minimum;
  • The site: it was land with a high added value that could be devoted to other uses in the shorter or long term.

The solution proposed by Techno Pieux

Techno Pieux Toulouse proposed the installation of 29 Galvanized P3 model piles: their reversibility, the fact of not having to do any earthworks, their installation using compact and autonomous machines (without the use of water resources and power of the city) and low noise level, not to mention their reasonable cost, contributed to obtaining the contract. In just four days, with an R2 machine and an installer, the piles were installed to a depth of 3.5 meters in order to sustain this timber-framed building.