House Extension on Helical Piles in Littleton, Colorado, USA

Location: Littleton CO, USA

Obstacles: Difficult to access in back yard of subdivision. Very little space between houses, and no access on the back side of the lot.

Type of Soil: Unknown, used torque correlation to validate pile capacity.

Advantages: Very little impact on site.  No fences removed for heavy equipment.  No mounds of dirt from excavation and no dirt to remove.  Fast, simple, and cost effective.

Materials use: P3-10 with custom fabricated saddle bracket (8”x 4.2” x.5” plate w/ 8”x 8”x .375” walls)

Equipment used: R2D

Pile Capacity: 12k/pile

Depth: 10 ft

Structure details: Piles designed to connect directly to double LVL beam with multiple bolts for enhanced lateral support for the elevated addition.