A one of a kind suburban project executed with screw piles in the region of Bordeaux

Date : October 2016

Dealer : Techno Pieux Gironde

Partners :

Bordeaux Métropole
Le Bruit du Frigo
Zébra 3


The challenge of this project consisted in executing partially submerged foundations in order to support a one of a kind building on the shores of the La Blanche en Ambarès-et-Lagrave River in Bordeaux.

The environmental requirements, as well as the difficult access to the location, were the chief challenges facing the Techno Pieux Gironde team. The type of pile chosen also had to permit excellent stability, taking into account the height of the building above water level.

Techno Pieux proposed the following solution

In order to support this one of a kind structure, we used P5-16G (141.3 mm x 6.6 mm) Techno Pieux piles to a variable depth of between 3.6 and 4.7 meters. Thanks to specialized Techno Pieux equipment, the certified installers were able to implant the piles directly into the water from the shore. Finally we welded special metal plates to the piles so that we could affix the entire structure on the same day.

With many similar projects to their credit, over the years Techno Pieux has developed their unique expertise in laying durable foundations in wet environments.

“Under the prism of this new refuge, the entire universe is about to be reinvented, in this intimate and silent place floating between reality and dreams.” Lou-Andréa Lassalle