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Building a deck or putting in a new porch? Longing to create that seamless indoor-outdoor flow? Techno Metal Post’s helical piers are the best foundation available to help you redefine your outdoor living space. Home owners and contractors can build or repair decks and porches effortlessly and be guaranteed a strong, stable, and durable structure.

A solid foundation is necessary for the construction of a deck. Often built with multiple levels, and sometimes a roof, the weight on the foundation can be very high. If you have an inadequate base, you risk costly repair expenditures. This same principle applies if there is a hot tub or other heavy objects on your deck.

Our helical piers are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards, ensuring they can withstand the heaviest loads and conditions possible.

Our exclusive green sleeve, adapted to the pile’s dimension, is inserted around the pile during the installation process. Throughout the frost/thaw periods, the sleeve slides vertically along the pile, following the movements of the soil. The pile, itself, does not move, assuring the stability of your structure all year long.

Our Engineering Department attends to the analysis and certification of your deck project. Our engineers determine which piles to use, depending on the structure that needs supporting, and the soil’s characteristics.

Our installation equipment is created to maneuver around very narrow spaces. Therefore, it is easy to install piles close to pools, gardens, and other existing decks or patios without any disruption to your yard.

With Techno Metal Post helical piers, you can easily and securely expand your space without the hassle and mess of concrete, or disturbance of your property and existing landscaping.  And with a Techno Metal Post foundation, you can begin building your porch or deck immediately.

Techno Metal Post: guaranteeing many satisfying years of sweet, simple indoor-outdoor living. Enjoy the flow!


TechnoMetalPost_Spring2014_PL2The ability to set the steel piles and build the same day greatly increases production. Added to the fact that I’m saving heaps of money in labour costs by not having to remove displaced earth, haul concrete and clean up the mess makes Techno Metal Post the only way to begin a deck project.” — Paul Lafrance (Disaster Decks and Decked Out on HGTV)

Got small or big projects? Techno Metal Post’s installation equipment will surprise you!

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