New dealer in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

(from left to right: Christian Rousseau (BC and Alberta Dealer Team Lead), Wayne McDonald, Lisa McDonald, Logan McDonald Pascal Marceau (President of Techno Metal Post)


In July 2017 Techno Metal Post had the pleasure of hosting our new dealer for Vancouver North Shore; Wayne, Lisa and Logan McDonald for dealer training. 

Lisa and Wayne have been looking for the right opportunity for years to start and run their own business. When Lisa came across the opportunity to become a Techno Metal Post Dealer, she was very excited about the potential and immediately contacted Christian to find out more information. Thus, began her research on becoming a dealer. During that process, she contacted many of the dealers in the network and was impressed with all the positive feedback and comments she received from the dealers she spoke with. Being a very detailed result oriented person who doesn’t leave one stone unturned, Lisa’s research provided her and Wayne with enough information to make the leap to become a dealer for Techno Metal Post. 

For years, Wayne has been installing telephone poles and is looking forward to making the switch to helical piles. Wayne with his quiet, gentle demeanor is a multi-talented man who performs on stage singing with his guitar. While in Thetford, we were lucky enough to hear him perform for us during the last day of his training. This artistic man with his construction background and experience will be very beneficial in his dealership.

Lisa has a very strong background is sales and marketing. In the beginning to get the dealership started, she also intends to do the installs with her son Logan a quiet but very polite young man, Logan. Lisa will be a strong driving force to the success of their business.  Lisa and Wayne, together in life and in business each bringing very complementary skills to their dealership have a great recipe for success!

Due to their proximity to nature in North Vancouver, their lifestyle consists of varied outdoor recreation opportunities such as mountain biking. The area is known for its historically significant West Coast modernist architecture.

These wonderful people with their great family spirit and pride are looking forward to beginning installation work on a varied of projects. They feel that residential foundations for homes, buildings, cottages and fences will be a great market for sustaining their business. They are also looking forward to growing markets for applications such as bridges, boardwalks, trails, parks and schools. Specialization for underpinning and stabilization projects are proven to be of interest to the McDonalds. Fortunately, they are by the Pacific Ocean and have opportunities to install piles for docks, boathouses, boat elevators and marine foundations.

We look forward to seeing great things for this new dealer and wish Wayne, Lisa and Logan all the success in their new business venture with Techno Metal Post.

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