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Helical Piles

Techno Pieux Aisne

Chemin de la Hayette, POIX DE PICARDIE, 80290

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Techno Metal Post simplifies life by providing an alternative foundation solution that can be installed in most soil conditions. We have designed and manufactured a helical pile that screws into the ground until it reaches a specific torque and depth, allowing our installers to determine the load-bearing capacity for structural support. The projects can range from decks to multi-story buildings.

The piles are installed by our team of certified professionals, using our proprietary hydraulic machines specially designed for pile installation. Our technology is certified and recognized by qualified officials across several countries, and we ensure the installation complies with building code standards while maintaining high-quality control.

What’s more is our unique and exclusive green sleeve slides along the pile in response to ground movements, ensuring its stability during freeze and thaw cycles. You can start building on them immediately, without the hassles of digging holes or pouring concrete.

Techno Metal Post Advantages

Simple and quick

Our helical pile foundations are installed by our trained and certified professionals, using specialized hydraulic machines. Our method allows you to start building immediately, without the hassles of digging holes or pouring concrete.

Engineering department

After analyzing your project, our engineering department will suggest the most suitable solution for your needs. In addition, Our engineers will ensure the installation of your foundation complies with all municipal/city regulations.


Certified and Warranty

Every Techno Metal Post is covered by a twenty-five (25) year limited warranty from the date of the installation. We support all our customers with a high level of service, from manufacturing to the installation, so that they can benefit from our technology and experience that raises the level of performance in the industry.

Specialized installation equipment

We have developed a range of proprietary hydraulic machines dedicated entirely to the installation of screw piles. No excavation is required for the installation of the helical foundations. Once the Techno Metal Posts are installed, a minimal footprint is left on the lawn and landscape.

Strong, solid and steadfast

Our screw piles are designed according to the highest engineering and quality standards. Thus, their capacity to support heavy loads is guaranteed. In addition, the green sleeve slides along the pile according to the soil movements and ensures its stability during freeze/thaw periods.

Easy access in tight spaces

Our specialized hydraulic machines are compact, powerful, and allows for even the most complex job. The installation of a helical pile foundation is made possible, regardless of whether the location has limited access, or the terrain is uneven and sloped. Our smallest machine can even pass through a normal door frame or a gate door.



With Techno Metal Post screwed foundations, it is possible to build a patio in a single day. Watch a few videos demonstrating how quick and easy it is to carry out a construction project on Techno Metal Post.

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Techno Metal Post makes life easier for anyone with a construction project that requires a foundation in almost any type of soil.

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