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Techno Metal Post PEI
15 Lea Crane BLVD, Souris, PE, C0A 2B0
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Helical Piles

Techno Metal Post PEI

15 Lea Crane BLVD, Souris, PE, C0A 2B0

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About Us

Techno Metal Post helps simplify the needs of people with construction projects that require a foundation. All our products are installed by our team of certified installers. Our machines are designed for the sole purpose of installing piles. Our product is a helical pile which is screwed into the ground until it reaches the right depth to support all types of structures – from decks to multi-storey buildings.

Our helical foundations are installed by our certified installers, using proprietary hydraulic machines, allowing you to immediately start building on them, without the hassles of digging holes and pouring concrete.

Techno Metal Post Advantages

Simple and quick

Our helical pile foundations are installed by our trained and certified professionals, using specialized hydraulic machines. Our method allows you to start building immediately, without the hassles of digging holes or pouring concrete.

No excavation and low footprint

Techno Metal Post has developed a range of hydraulic machines dedicated entirely to the installation of helical piles. They are all designed to perform rigorous and reliable work. In most cases, no excavation is necessary for common residential projects.

Efficient and affordable

The price of our products is very competitive compared to traditional concrete foundations. No excavation is required and no need to wait for the concrete to cure. In addition, there is no need to repair the site or remove excess soil. All of these factors mean that your project, carried out with Techno Metal Posts, will save you time and money.

Easy access in tight spaces

Our specialized hydraulic machines are compact, powerful, and allows for even the most complex job. The installation of a helical pile foundation is made possible, regardless of whether the location has limited access, or the terrain is uneven and sloped. Our smallest machine can even pass through a normal door frame or a gate door.

Building code compliant

It's easy to get building permits when you use our product instead of traditional concrete footings. Our product is code compliant and accepted by building departments.

25-year warranty

Every Techno Metal Post is covered by a twenty-five (25) year limited warranty from the date of installation. We support all our customers with a high level of service, from manufacturing to installation, so that they can benefit from our technology and experience that raises the level of performance in the industry.



With Techno Metal Post screwed foundations, it is possible to build a patio in a single day. Watch a few videos demonstrating how quick and easy it is to carry out a construction project on Techno Metal Post.

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Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures screw piles, specialized installation equipment and all the elements required to support your permanent and temporary projects.

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